In the automotive industry, Globus develops and customizes products according to customers’ needs and specifications.

Innovation is present in our line of electronic controllers which has multiple HVAC, Cooling and Automation applications in commercial vehicles, planes, van, bus, motorhome, trains, ambulances, fire engine and military and construction vehicles.

Thinking about comfort, productivity and cost reduction for its customers, Globus customized technological and connectivity solutions which enable  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection of smartphone or tablet.


In the industrial and commercial field, Globus manufactures micro processed electronic controllers of industrial automation for Cooling, Heating, Climate and Lighting systems for use in shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals, center of events and commercial building in general.

Our range of products enables control of:

  • Cold room and freezer
  • Freezing tunnel
  • Fan Coil (Não traduzir)
  • Air flow
  • Humidity
  • Fan
  • Secondary pumps
  • Exhaust
  • Lighting
  • Cooling towers
  • Exhaust and pressurize

Fire escape


In the automation field, we trade wireless technological products for automation, management, lighting control and integration, air conditioning, motorized openings, audio and video, security, irrigation, fountains and pools to houses, condominium or corporate environments.

Globus wireless system offers several benefits, advantages and possibilities such as energy cost reduction, end of civil construction, freedom of choice, higher flexibility, expansibility, among others.

Globus has a wide range of products that can be used in total automation of any environment, enabling control via keypad, handheld device or anywhere through smartphone, tablet or Ipad.